Hydrosol 2-pack

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Hydrosol 2-pack

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Hydrosol, also known as lavender floral water, comes from the oil distillation process and contains essential oil. It is helpful for healing cuts, scrapes, burns, and itchy skin. It makes a great household cleaner, natural insect repellant, and is naturally antibacterial. Lavender hydrosol comes in a glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer.

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Items Included: Two 4 oz. bottles of Hydrosol

3 reviews for Hydrosol 2-pack

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    This is my new medicine cabinet/ camping/ summer time staple. I have always been an aloe girl when it comes to sunburn, and I will never buy it again. I spray a few pumps of Hydrosol on my burn and the sting is completely gone, AND no more sticky aloe!

    I spend a LOT of time in the summer outdoors and hydrosol works great as a bug repellent/ anti itch spray too! This is my camping all in one!

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    This is by FAR one of the best products I have ever used! I struggle a lot with combination skin, and this is the perfect moisturizer and toner all in one. I use it every single day and the results are wonderful. It’s also amazing for cuts, burns, eczema, and really any skin ailment that you can think of, and its ALL NATURAL. Probably one of the most unique and versatile products that you’ll ever find. HIGHLY recommend.

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    I had acne on my face and within two days it was gone. My face is clear and soft. This product is outstanding for acne issues.

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