Large Laundry Bar

Large Laundry Bar

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Our Laundry Bar removes stains from fruit juice, tea, coffee, grease, grass, paint, ketchup, makeup, cooking oil and more! The lavender oil kills germs, making the bar a natural disinfectant. Contains NO bleach! You can do your part to protect the environment by not adding harmful chemicals to our water and landfills. Laundry Bars are proudly made in Charlevoix, Michigan.


Directions for use: Dampen soiled or stained area with water. Apply the Laundry Bar to the stain and rub. Toss the article of clothing into the washer with your preferred laundry detergent or soap then finish the normal washing cycle.

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Items Included: One 11.5 oz. Large Laundry Bar

1 review for Large Laundry Bar

  1. Jessica

    Works great, smells way better then a tide to go, AND it is good for the environment! I used it on red sauce stains- worked like a charm!

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