Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender Hydrosol

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Hydrosol, also known as lavender floral water, is a byproduct of the oil distillation process and contains some essential oil. It is helpful for healing cuts, scrapes, burns, and itchy skin. It also makes a great household cleaner or insect repellant! Lavender Hydrosol comes in a 4 oz. glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer or a 16 oz. plastic refill bottle.

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Items Included: One bottle of Lavender Hydrosol

Available in two different sizes: 4 oz. glass bottle with fine mist sprayer or 16 oz. plastic refill bottle

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4 oz. spray bottle, 16 oz. refill bottle

1 review for Lavender Hydrosol

  1. Jessica

    This is my new medicine cabinet/ camping/ summer time staple. I have always been an aloe girl when it comes to sunburn, and I will never buy it again. I spray a few pumps of Hydrosol on my burn and the sting is completely gone, AND no more sticky aloe!

    I spend a LOT of time in the summer outdoors and hydrosol works great as a bug repellent/ anti itch spray too! This is my camping all in one!

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