The first days of 2017 are upon us! Snow and cold blanket Lavender Hill Farm, and our plants have settled in for their much needed winter rest. Hard to believe our first year as new owners is coming to a close.

LHF is well prepared for winter. All of the plants have been trimmed in preparation for their slumber. Our new Copper Still has been set up and the buildings and equipment have been thoroughly cleaned. Though it is quiet at the Farm, local artisans are still  busy making all the lovely products we offer – everything from candles to soap, dog shampoo to sachets. Our online shop is open 24/7/365, because lavender luxuries are especially needed and welcomed during the cold dark winter.

We are very busy preparing for next spring!  We have planned for our 2017 planting and our big annual plant sale.

We grow many different varieties of lavender, not only for beauty but because each variety fulfills unique needs.  Our Violet Intrigue is most commonly used in our shortbread cookies, jelly and simple syrup for example. Melissa, a lovely white variety is perfect when paired with milk as it is in our ice creams. Grosso is among the best lavender for distilling into oil because it is so fragrant; it is also used in our sachets. Other varieties are selected for retaining their color when dried.  Deciding on what types of lavender to plant in our unique micro climate given the vast array of varieties available can be challenging, so we decided to go to the experts. We took a field trip to Washington, the lavender capital of the US, to meet with the growers that provide us with cuttings for our planting. Lavender Hill Farm only grows plants from cuttings, never from seeds. This is to ensure that we have the purest form of each variety.

Our own farm distilled lavender oil will soon be available for sale! Announcements will be posted on our website and Facebook page. Our shop may be closed, but you can still get your fill of our handcrafted, locally sourced lavender products by shopping online at


Our best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family!


With our appreciation for your support and visits,

Bill, Erin, Rita and the team at LHF.