How to ‘Win’ at The Series at Lavender Hill Farm.

How to ‘Win’ at The Series at Lavender Hill Farm.

How to ‘Win’ at The Series at Lavender Hill Farm.

If you and your friends want to attend concerts at the farm this summer, your options are to purchase Season Passes by March 31st, or purchase Individual Show Tickets when they are released at Noon on April 3rd. But if you want to WIN and do the Series right, here is what you need to do.

Buy Season Passes

A season pass will grant you access to 7 concerts plus a bonus 8th show. You may be able to get individual tickets to these shows before they sell out, but season passes come with perks.

  • Season passes are sold before individual tickets are released meaning seat selection before it is picked over! Our venue is small and unique so every seat is awesome, but nothing feels better at a concert than having great seats!
  • Speaking of seats, a season pass means you get to sit in the same seat for all 8 concerts. Get comfy, make friends and enjoy the show!
  • Get treated like a VIP with our season pass VIP lanyard. No need to wait in line once you have one of these- just hold it up so the ushers can see that you are a Very Important Person, and you can seat yourself!
  • Can’t attend one of the 8 included shows? Let your friend borrow your VIP lanyard and they can go to the show in your place hassle free!- no need to print receipts or call ahead.
  • Let the VIP treatment roll into the next season. 2019 season passholders will receive early access to season pass tickets for the 2020 season.

Shop Individual Show Tickets ASAP

Individual show tickets will be available for purchase starting at noon on April 3rd. Mark this down now, set a reminder on your phone, tie a ribbon, whatever you need to do.

  • These concerts will sell out. Especially the concerts included in our season passes. Last year nearly every show sold out but only season pass holders had assigned seats upon arrival. This year, with seat selection at checkout for everyone, we are expecting many of our shows to sell out before the season even begins.
  • If you want to sit with a group, get your tickets early.
  • If you want to sit by the aisle, the middle, the front, get your tickets early.
  • If you want tickets to a show on a holiday weekend, get your tickets early.
  • If you want tickets at all, just get them early.

Arrive Early & Carpool

Spending quality time with friends and family is a huge part of what makes The Series at Lavender Hill Farm so magical. Whether you are joining us for one show, or get tickets to all of them, here is how we suggest planning your day.

  • Plan a daytime farm visit. If you or your guests are visiting the area from out of town, or just want to spend time at your local lavender farm, join us during our normal 10am – 5pm operational hours for a golf cart tour, cut your own lavender, shopping in our lavender gift shop or partake in one of our many scheduled activities on the farm.  
  • On concert nights, we recommend arriving around 6 PM. This will give you time to picnic and enjoy the scenery.
  • Carpooling ensures your whole group can enjoy picnicking together without waiting for stragglers and helps with parking congestion. (it also means one person is not stuck carrying all the picnicking gear)
  • Park in our Drying Shed Lot. Our parking attendants will guide you into a spot and get you a golf cart lift to the picnicking area.
  • Handicapped guests can be dropped off in the loop, take the golf cart shuttles over from the Drying Shed Parking, or can park in the handicapped spots in the loop. Let us know if you need any assistance!
  • Not hungry? No problem. Eating outdoors is not mandatory, but we still recommend arriving early. Take a stroll around our farm, check out our gift shop, spend time talking with friends and enjoy pre-show, outdoor music by Local Ground Artists at select shows.

Picnic Like a Pro

Be the group everyone wishes they knew. With the right gear, food, and friends, you will ‘Win’ the picnicking game.

  • Picnicking gear is key. Otherwise you are just eating outside. While some seating and tables will be provided, we recommend bringing a blanket or camping chairs to enhance your picnicking experience. Coolers, utensils, ice, cups, napkins, even serving trays can take your picnic to the next level.
  • Plan ahead. Pack Tupperware or plastic wrap to preserve leftovers and towels for spills and messes. By packing umbrellas, and a shower curtain for under your picnic blanket, your guests and food will stay dry, and a misty day will not dampen your picnic.
  • Help keep our farm safe and beautiful. Trash and recycling receptacles will be provided. By picking up after yourself before the show and after intermission our farm will stay clean and your stuff wont blow away!
  • Stay hydrated. In addition to your BYO Picnic, we will have lavender soda, lemonade fizz, water bottles, and even lavender simple syrup available for sale in our gift shop. We recommend packing plastic cups as glass bottle use is restricted to picnic areas only.  Travel cups with lids are also convenient and help prevent spills!
  • And as always, please leave your non service animal pets at home.

Pack the Best Food

For some, a BYOP (bring your own picnic) means packing a gourmet meal with all of the fixins in perfect little containers ready to enjoy. For others it means stopping on the way for takeout. No matter your picnicking style, we have some tips:

  • Cut the cheese before you come… but really. By cutting your fruit, sandwiches, cheese, or any item into bite size or hand held servings, you can spend more time with your friends and family. Serving trays can facilitate a plate-less grab and go picnic experience.
  • Popular Series picnic favorites include: cheese, meat and fruit trays, all sorts of salads, watermelon, cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches, popcorn and bagged snacks. Picnicking success can be achieved by including anything that can be eaten with a frilly toothpick, served on a stick, in a jar or wrap.
  • If you are picking up food on the way, we recommend checking for napkins, flatware and condiments before departure!
  • Don’t forget the Lavender! We will have lavender sodas, simple syrups, salt, pepper, cookies, ice cream and other great lavender additions to add to your picnic available for purchase in our gift shop.

Be Prepared

  • Print your tickets and put them somewhere safe. Bring a printed ticket with you to each show and, in case your dog eats it, screen shot them on your phone too. Save your confirmation email for your ticket purchase, just in case.
  • Season pass holders can use their VIP lanyards for admission to the 8 included shows but will need receipts if lost, or attending a non season pass show.
  • Check the dates on your tickets ahead of time. Wrong date purchases will not be refunded or exchanged.
  • Dress in layers. Northern Michigan is never predictable, and on our farm, once the sun goes down it can be a bit chilly. If it does get cool, our intermission bon fire will help!

Stay Connected and in the Know

Visit our website before the show to learn about the performers, the venue and a little something about our farm. Here are some other ways to stay connected:

  • Go on Facebook, find our events for each show you want to attend and click ‘Going’. (While visiting our page, this is a great opportunity to like us and give us a 5 star review if you haven’t already 😊)
  • We will share info about the bands, updates about the show and exciting additions like Local Ground Artists to the Facebook Events.
  • Take LOTS of pictures! #TheSeriesatLHF #LHFarm
  • Sign up for our emails, and follow us on Instagram too!

We look forward to seeing you at the show and hope this was helpful!

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    Purchased 2 season passes on 3/19/2019. Tickets for Cari Ray & Shaky Legs did not print out

    Bill Shank
    Mar 19, 2019 Reply
    • Avatar

      Hello Bill,
      Thank you for purchasing season passes to The Series! I have given your email address to our Events Director to reach out to you. Feel free to contact her about this or any other concerns about The Series at
      Have a great day!

      Mar 25, 2019 Reply
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    How do I view each performer so I know what style of music they perform?

    Becky Cook
    Mar 20, 2019 Reply

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