National Lavender Day

National Lavender Day

National Lavender Day

National Lavender Day is July 10th!

Make sure to mark your calendars for a celebration of all things lavender!

“Lavender has wafted its way around the world and through the pages of recorded history. Like an amulet, the herb was dangled to chase away demons, moths, and disease, and its oil was prescribed for headaches, hysteria, and gas.

When Europe was ravaged by plagues, lavender was stuffed into the beaks of bird-shaped masks to ward off the Black Death—a disease that people thought was transmitted by scent. Hidden within many myths are buds of truth, and so it is with lavender.

The clean, powerful scent of the herb did indeed protect some from plagues as it fragranced the air, but not because it banished the evil smell of disease. Science has shown that those diseases were often carried by fleas on rats, and the scent of lavender repelled both rodents and biting insects.

Thanks to modern science we also know that lavender essential oil does indeed contain some disinfecting, soothing, relaxing, and pain-relieving properties.

 Lavender continues to scent our modern world, appearing in culinary seasonings, household cleaners, and aromatherapy. But with one significant change. Lavender’s resurgence is now fueled by science instead of superstition, and by delight instead of desperation. This timeless herb has truly earned its place in today’s society as a potent and delectable ingredient for wellness.”

-Excerpt from Lavender: 50 Self-Care Recipes and Projects for Natural Wellness by Bonnie Louise Gillis

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