Planting Lavender in a Pot

Planting Lavender in a Pot

Planting Lavender in a Pot

Planting Lavender in a Pot

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Once you’ve picked out and purchased your new lavender plant, you may be wondering what the next steps are when you get your plant home. Our expert Director of Agriculture has put together some tips and tricks for those looking to plant their lavender in a pot!

Commonly Asked Questions About Planting and Growing Lavender:

  • What kind of soil does lavender like?  Lavender performs best in well drained, slightly alkaline soils. Well drained is synonymous with sandy soils, as opposed to clay soils. If planting in a pot, one part sand to one part normal potting soil is recommended.


  • What is lime and what is it used for?  Lime is a soil amendment made from ground limestone rock. We offer pelletized lime, which is ground limestone rock, but in a small bead-like form so it is easy to spread and can quickly be delivered into the soil. When lime is added to the soil, it impacts the soil’s pH, making it less acidic and more alkaline. Add lime to raise the soil pH to around 7.0 which is the preferred pH for lavender.


  • How often should I water my lavender?  For the first 3 weeks after planting, water the plant every day to help reduce transplant shock (when the plant is struggling to adjust to its new home). After the first 3 weeks, rainwater alone will suffice. If it hasn’t rained for a while, you can always stick your finger in about an inch of soil to check the moisture level. Wait until the surrounding soil is almost completely dry to water again. The biggest mistake people make is to over water their lavender, so when in doubt, less watering is the way to go!


  • How much sunlight does my lavender need?  Lavender requires full sun, which is 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day.


  • When do I plant my lavender?  The best time to plant lavender is in the spring after the danger of frost has passed, or early summer.


  • How do I fertilize my lavender?  Less is more with Lavender – as with watering. You should not need to feed your lavender plants.


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