Fill your home and hearts with freshly baked lavender cookies.

Several weeks ago, a member of our team (who happens to take great photographs) took one of each of our cookie mixes home and spent some quality time with her mom in the kitchen. They laughed and visited as their home filled with delightful smells of lavender cookies. After baking and enjoying a few with tea, they put some in the freezer, some packaged to send to friends and family and (luckily) a plate made it into the office to share with teammates.

Immediately the obsession began. Word spread across our team, who mostly work remotely during the off season, that these really are the BEST Lavender Cookie Mixes. Nearly every person who tried a cookie decided on upcoming events to bake them for. (I know I personally will be giving these out as holiday gifts this winter.. If you are reading this, I hope y’all will forget by then.)

The truth is, these are the same cookie mixes we have carried in our shop for years. All we did was update the packaging which inspired us to take some pictures. Now the packaging matches the quality, and the obsession. These Lavender Cookie Mixes come in Lemon Zest Lavender, Dark Chocolate Lavender and the standard Lavender. They make great gifts or order them for a fun and tasty activity for the family. There is nothing more calming and happy then the aromas of freshly baked lavender cookies.

Available on our website HERE. 

Photo Credit: Amanda Moser