Lavender Harvesting Tips

By: Korshye Long 

Director of Agricultural Operations at Lavender Hill Farm

 When do I harvest my lavender?

Harvest the stems when about 40-50% or more of the plant contains buds that have flowered. The key to harvesting at the right time is when you hear lots of busy bees pollinating the open flowers!

How do I harvest?

Use a pair of sharp scissors and cut about an inch above the woody part of the plant. If you have multiple plants using a sickle may be more efficient for the size of your production. To harvest using a sickle, reach down into the plant and grab a small handful of stems, use the sickle to cut away from your body in a curved motion. Be aware of the placement of your fingers before cutting!


How do I avoid getting stung by the bees when harvesting?

Honey bees rarely sting unless you are really aggravating them. Honey bees are more focused on the lavender than you.

Side note: I’ve worked on the farm for 7 years now and have NEVER been stung by a honey bee. Other bees have stung me such as “sweat bees” but never a honey bee.