Lavender Hydrosol


Lavender Hydrosol

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Lavender Hydrosol, also known as lavender floral water, is produced during the steam distillation of lavender right here on our farm! Our unique custom blend has a grounding, earthy aroma ideal for a wide range of uses without requiring dilution.


Hydrosol is safe for fabrics, hard surfaces, and skin. It is naturally antibacterial and can be helpful for soothing cuts, scrapes, burns and itches. Often used as a body mist, facial toner, gentle household cleaner, calming linen spray, insect repellant, and for after sun care. Safe for all ages.


Lavender Hydrosol comes in a 2 oz. or 4 oz. glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer and a 16 oz. plastic refill bottle.

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Items Included: One bottle of Lavender Hydrosol

Available in three different sizes: 2 oz. or 4 oz. glass bottle with fine mist sprayer & 16 oz. plastic refill bottle

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2 oz. spray bottle, 4 oz. spray bottle, 16 oz. refill bottle

1 review for Lavender Hydrosol

  1. Jessica

    This is my new medicine cabinet/ camping/ summer time staple. I have always been an aloe girl when it comes to sunburn, and I will never buy it again. I spray a few pumps of Hydrosol on my burn and the sting is completely gone, AND no more sticky aloe!

    I spend a LOT of time in the summer outdoors and hydrosol works great as a bug repellent/ anti itch spray too! This is my camping all in one!

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