Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming Hand Soap

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Our Lavender Foaming Hand Soap is a beautiful addition to any home! This specially formulated hand soap is made without glycerin, making it an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin. Lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties, and we’ve harnessed its natural essence to create an aromatic experience like no other. Every pump of our Lavender Foaming Hand Soap will transport you to a serene lavender field, resulting in smooth, soft hands and moments of relaxation. Elevate your hand-washing routine with our Lavender Foaming Hand Soap, made proudly by local artisans in Charlevoix, Michigan.


Now available in two different scents: Lavender & Lemon Lavender.

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Items Included: One bottle of Foaming Hand Soap

Available in two different sizes: 8.5 oz. pump bottle & 16 oz. refill bottle

Available in two different scents: Lavender & Lemon Lavender

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Lavender 8.5 oz. pump bottle, Lavender 16 oz. refill bottle, Lemon Lavender 8.5 oz. pump bottle, Lemon Lavender 16 oz. refill bottle

1 review for Foaming Hand Soap

  1. Jessica

    I love this product, it is perfect for the kitchen sink. It cuts grease and smells great while not overpowering. It also does not dry out my hands like most hand soaps do.

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